Beelink SER4 AMD Ryzen mini workstation review


Two minute review

The SER4 from Beelink is a great example of a product that has evolved across generations to achieve a level of maturity that makes it hard to ignore. This mini PC embodies everything you’d expect from a pint-sized workstation that’s primed for some serious work: the presence of Windows 11 Pro, a powerful processor and plenty of memory and a plethora of ports point to that direction. While it is noisier than we’d like, it is also faster than almost anything in this price range with generous expansion capabilities and Wi-Fi 6e, a definite step up. The only real snag is the absence of a rock-solid after sales but if you’re looking for an AMD alternative to Intel-based NUC, then this is it.

Strangely enough, there are two versions of the SER4 currently on sale and the only difference between the two is the amount of memory. The version we reviewed has 32GB and costs as little as $626 (about £480/A$852) from AliExpress (you can buy it from Amazon as well for a mere $679 (about £521/A$924) at the time of writing if you prefer a faster and more reliable route). A cheaper version comes with 16GB of RAM and sells for $580 (about £652/A$1,156).


(Image credit: Future)


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